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The freight will be packed water resistant and airtight.
You decide where we deliver. No matter where. No matter when. You tell us.

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Do you have several events planned and need our colour powder in different locations at different times?
Do you have a huge festival planned and need to play it safe? We offer one of the safest Gulal powders on the market.

About us

EFS Event Farben Service GmbH

We distribute our exclusive Holi Gulal Colour Powder according to the strictest quality standards. All of our colour powder is produced in Germany and comes with expert evaluations from reputable independent laboratories in Germany. Our colour powder meets all the requirements for such events. We will gladly provide you with all safety data.
We provide you with premium Holi Gulal Colour Powder, which can be used by you as a business client at festivals of any size. We deliver worldwide, fast and dependable. Individual colour powder packages available, as well as 5-colours packages (pink, blue, green,yellow, purple). Our product is exclusively made from corn starch, salt, water and colouring, all of which are tested for safety. Contact us, we will consult with you individually and put together a complete package for you.